Writing Amazon Product Descriptions

Updated 2/24/2020

Amazon Product Descriptions allow for the free-form inclusion of up to 2,000 characters worth of keywords that would not fit in the product title or bullet points. These additional keywords can drive traffic and conversions by opening up your products to other search queries.

Since this space has the potential for so many characters, this is where you can include any extra information about your product, including material type, color, sizing, and design description or logo information. This is the area where customers will look for any product specifications, so if you have any technical details for your items, be sure to include them here.

Are you making the profit in Amazon you think you are?Appeal to Your Audience

When writing Amazon product descriptions, it is important to consider who your audience is and why they would be looking for your product. If the product features reference to a television show, include other keywords related to this show to attract this pop culture audience. If the product has a hunting theme, the description should include terms like shooting, open season, or even fishing.

This space is also an opportunity to describe the history of your brands and products. Use descriptions to show why your officially branded merchandise is interesting. Include company information like background and inspiration.

This Amazon product description provides useful information and keywords to help improve traffic.

Above is a great example of a product description that utilizes the entire 2,000 character field, and includes plenty of keywords and practical information. But when including all this additional info, you’ll want to format it with a little bit of HTML.

Amazon descriptions

Amazon allows very limited HTML, but with it, you can add bold text and additional spacing. If you’re using a long description, you’ll want to add some formatting so that it’s easier to read and more pleasing to look at.

Always include a description in your listings. This additional content will serve two purposes. First, it will bring more traffic to your listings because your products will show for a wider variety of keywords. Second, reading the description will influence customers to be interested in your product and your company, which will lead to more conversions for your product listings.

For more information on writing Amazon bullet points and product descriptions, check out Practical eCommerce’s article on Optimizing Product Content on Amazon.

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