Automated Ad Extensions – What’s New?

As of March 2017 there is a brand new automated ad extension in Ads called “Automatic Call Extensions”. If you haven’t taken a look at which automated extensions are running in your accounts, it might be worth looking into today. For those unfamiliar with Automated Ad Extensions, there 3 important things to know.

  1. There are 8 automated extensions currently available.
    1. Dynamic sitelinks
    2. Dynamic callouts
    3. Dynamic structured snippets
    4. Previous visits
    5. Seller ratings
    6. Consumer ratings
    7. Longer ad headlines (Not an actual extension)
    8. Automatic call extensions
  2. Google uses information from both your website and 3rd party sources to generate these extensions.
  3. Automated extensions can be disabled to better control a brand’s message.

Google adds these extensions at their discretion because studies suggest that using different and multiple extensions increase CTR. Google is always trying to better the experience for the end consumer, but also increase the likelihood of a click for an advertiser.

If you’re wondering whether or not Google has slipped in one or any of these extensions in your campaign, you can find out by logging into Google Ads. If you are not brought to the campaigns page by default navigate their first.

Google Adwords campaigns
Ads Primary Navigation – Campaigns

Next select the campaign in question that you would like to review along the left hand navigation bar. Next click the Ad extensions tab in the center of the page.

Automated Ad Extensions screenshot
Automated Extensions Report

When you get to this page it will most likely have you defaulted to another type of Ad extension such as sitelinks. Simply open up that drop down menu and select “Automated extensions report”. This will allow you to review the performance of your Automated Extensions.

Leave a comment below if you have questions about how any extensions work or how to view related data.

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