What is Product Listing Hijacking?

Amazon is a massive marketplace where buyers and sellers converge. The competition is fierce and the potential for product listing hijacking is high.


Product listing hijacking is when an Amazon seller sells another brand’s product, claiming it as their own. There are a number of ways that an Amazon listing can be hijacked, including:

  • Counterfeiting: Sellers can manufacture a knock-off version of your product and sell it at a lower price using your listing information. Customers believe they’re getting a genuine product, but it’s not.
  • Not Being Honest: Sellers may offer a very similar product at a lower price. Buyers assume it’s either the same or close enough – but it’s not.
  • Simply Copying: Sellers may sell your exact product and use your existing optimized content. This is a simple copy and paste job that, with a lower price, increases their chances of winning the Buy Box.

When a listing is hijacked, the original seller can lose the Buy Box, which will cut off advertising and sales. It’s likely the product is not as high-quality, so customers may also be unhappy with it and leave negative reviews.


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